HER Venture HUB

A women-centric social initiative

Empowering women to drive change for an Equitable, Diverse and Peaceful world by providing support, resources, and opportunities for women leaders, entrepreneurs, and across the workforce.

Our vision

Can you envision a world where 4 billion women drive change for a better future? A future where women thrive globally while creating a more Equitable, Diverse, and Peaceful world.
HER Venture HUB is a social initiative, a global ecosystem and a data-driven platform,  tailored for women entrepreneurs, leaders, and those in the workforce who aspire to thrive in business and life. We firmly believe in shifting power dynamics in global decision-making by empowering women and their ventures as key change drivers to a better world for future generations. Through our supportive global ecosystem with its multicultural network,  and through our comprehensive education resources, we create high-value opportunities and foster growth - in business, finances and personally - while providing overall multidimensional well-being to women worldwide.
Our mission across 6 continents is to empower, foster and equip women and their ventures, to enable them to make a meaningful positive impact in global decision-making.
Understanding the unique challenges women face globally, and recognizing the significance of each region and country, our comprehensive approach caters to their diverse goals, needs, requirements, and well-being holistically. Through tailored services, forward-looking resources, skills and leadership programs, networking opportunities, and access to international markets via government-supported hubs and strategic missions, we empower women to unlock their full potential. This fosters personal and professional growth in both their ventures and lives through our data-driven digital platform and multicultural ecosystem.
We are committed to holistically foster and globally advance Women in Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and across the Workforce so that they will drive change at a gobal scale.
The team leading this initiative are seasoned experts and renowned partners, who have been active contributors to social causes for decades and with plenty of corporate and governmental experience to back it up. As founders, and as successful women entrepreneurs who have walked the path ourselves, we now strive to pay forward by sharing our knowledge, experience, and support to the next generation of women.

Our Impact

Ultimately, by adopting a facts-based approach to acting, measuring and to reporting our social impact, we will drive Women's Empowerment, Gender Equality and Sustainability.
Acknowledging the importance of thorough measurement and reporting, we align our goals and metrics with key benchmarks such as the UN's Women Empowerment Principle 6, Sustainable Development Goal #5, ISO 53800 standards for Gender Equality, and ESG Criteria.
This alignment enables us to not only comply with but proactively exceed standards, driving change and sharing our progress with those who support our initiatives. We undertake this journey in close collaboration with our stakeholders, ensuring a united and impactful approach.

Women & Ventures

We are dedicated to supporting women at all life and business stages, by providing tailored resources and strategic guidance to enhance the growth of women. Understanding their unique challenges and aspirations, our comprehensive support and holistic approach goes beyond business success, as it promotes overall empowerment, both in finances, ventures and life.

New Markets

Gender Equality
We are committed to expanding women's business horizons and ventures by offering strategic missions that unlock new markets. Tailored for women willing to explore uncharted territories, our initiative builds networks and provides access to deals and valuable customer leads, contributing to gender equality by leveraging new opportunities across valuable markets.


Gender Equality
We actively seek investors interested in supporting women-centric ventures, we present them with chances to diversify their investment portfolios while promoting gender equality. We offer deal matching services and a variety of investment opportunities by fostering connections, and highlighting these ventures as both appealing and impactful investment options, emphasizing their potential for significant financial and societal returns.


We empower women at every stage of their professional path, providing a support system that is facts-based and future-proof. Also, we equip companies with a suite of services, including Teams Training, Leadership Programs, Mediated Recruitment, and ISO Certification in Gender Equality. This approach is designed to cultivate an ecosystem where both can flourish  while fostering success and growth with equity and diversity.

Our global OffER

HER Membership

Yearly Exclusive Access

Our tiered programs support women at various growth stages, providing mentorship, networking, and tailored resources. Focused on community and sustainable impact, each tier meets specific needs and goals, offering targeted, valuable support options.

HER Resources

Life Learning Center

Our educational center offers live masterclasses, courses, and resources covering diverse skills and knowledge. This platform provides actionable insights to foster strategic decision-making, team leadership, and a growth mindset in women's life and business.

HER Network

Life & Venture Events

Our exclusive events address key needs by creating a private safe space for women to share challenges and gain insights. Our open-to-the-public events aim to level the playing field for women, eliminate gender biases, and foster merit-based opportunities for all.

HER adVenture

Strategic Missions

Our program offers a strategic roadmap for entering new markets, featuring expert coaching, market visibility tactics, workshops bootcamp, a strategic trade mission, and post-mission mentorship. Tailored for women entrepreneurs, it provides a global competitive edge through an immersive experience for scaling up.

HER Services

Services & Support

Our flexible, customized services for startups and corporate clients, can be project fee or hourly rate-based and offer solutions, ranging from advising and strategic planning to relevant ISO Certification readiness and future skills training. Thus, they diversify revenue and support our mission to empower women entrepreneurs and leaders.

HER Deal Match

Investors & Startups

Our platform matches women-centric startups with investors while ensuring secure data management and legal compliance. It offers a range of diverse investment opportunities, highlighting the financial and societal potential of these ventures. It diversifies portfolios with impactful and profitable deals while promoting equality and diversity.
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